Kitne aadmi the? We are all seditious now

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

Here is a very short, utterly incomplete, hastily compiled list of people charged under Section 124 A in the last two years alone.

Our very own Shuddhabrata Sengupta figures  in this roll of honour.

(Incidentally, KK Shahina, who has guest posted with us, faces charges from the Karnataka Police under IPC 506 for intimidating witnesses. Her expose in Tehelka showed how the police case against Abdul Nasar Madani, head of the People’s Democratic Front (PDP), accused in 2008 Bengaluru blasts, was fragile and based on non-existent and false testimonies.)

There would be hundreds more, not named here, charged with sedition for “criticizing” the government, for exposing corruption and police nexus with mafias, or for expressing views that run counter to official wisdom on the “integrity” of India.

As if “integrity” is something pre-existing and eternal rather than something that has to be produced at every point. The existence of a…

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some brainstorming images for telecom in India


working on a telecommmunication project

I’m working on a ‘telecom’ project, making videos and graphics about telecommunications and the technologies that they involve.Its with the Center for Internet and Society, Bangalore.It sounds technical but its an important technology.So I’m at CIS for a while, lets see how it goes.


TV and yonder.

I started work at an Urdu Channel called ‘Women’s TV’ while I was in Hyderebad.It was fresh and untilled territory and exciting for a while but the channel didn’t take off because of problems in broadcasting in the old city.

I would love to work on TV again.Is anyone out there listening!



The International Institute of Art, Culture and Democracy is a Bangalore based organisation focused on cultural democracy and begun in May 2008 by an inter-disciplinary group with expertise in design anthropology, new media art, technology and art history. The group shares the common vision and agenda of programmatic advocacy for cultural democracy.

I have been lucky for the grace that brought me to it; I’m working on some ideas for their website.Take a look at


mental health

Watching the ‘Satyamev Jayate’ episode on health care makes my life seem uncanny as well.Mental health is one of the most tricky of all areas of human activity.Anyone can be proclaimed as ‘mentally ill’ and its’ one of most fuzzy of areas, you can find yourself ridden of all control over your life; and at the mercy of family without having warranted ‘family’


sexual abuse a means of fighting/Being men in a man’s world

Comfortable women often use sex abuse as a means of getting rid of competition.It is a way of dehumanising, bestializing and othering their competition.

One is already weary of trying to work through patriarchal structures; to also have to deal with other women who you may have worked with and who think that you’re somehow in their way.( to be contd…)  


class 3 at vivekananda

In the last class we did the following: screened parts of ‘Sister Act’. worked on some dance and movement using music from Asian Dub Foundation,Talveen Singh, State of Bengal and Nusrat .


the google art project at vivekananda

I get to use the Google Art Project at Vivenkananda School where I am teaching art at a pilot program during the Summer.

I will tell all about the program, but here’s a look at our gallery.