Gone too softly…

a murmer, thats all.

You had pneumonia.Ha ha…

We’re alive you’re dead, you left-

Us.In this place with raging torrents and harsh hatred.

It killed you, too softly, too silently.

 You’re gone.You left, you went away.

Three or four days ago.

You tried to reach out, but we’re all too harrowed.Our wounds rot and the stench hangs over us, we hang in it.So you’re gone, fresher than we are.

So long.Farewell.

You had a voice.You said things, you reached out.You acted.You cared.

You were a good human being.

There is no I that seperates itself from the journey You embarked upon.We’re together, in strength and sorrow.

I dont know what is left of us.We have betrayed ourselves, each minute in this delusional wreckage of a place.We dont know virtue from vice, food from thought, sleep from the thick ice that prevents us from communicating, the awesome tiredness and exhaustion.We’re a society that needs to heal.

Bye, Bina.

We loved you. Really.

 For Bina Srinivasan.Who is dead.Gone.


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