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‘Na jaane kaun si mitti vatan ki mitti thi’.( We never knew which soil was the soil of our land)

‘Hazaar Baar ruke’, from the film Mammo.

‘How many deaths will it take to be noticed that too many people have died?’

– Bob Dylan, Blowing in the Wind.

As long as there will India and Pakistan, this fight will never stop. Too many times has this been said.

More than 2000 people were killed, slaughtered, burnt in all the violence in 2002 in Gujarat. The mainstream in Gujarat is still in denial.

About half a million people died when the subcontinent was torn apart into Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Bomb blasts continue to claim innumerable lives. People from each side are hurt. The real reasons behind these blasts are still elusive. We all guess: terrorism, creating communal unrest…Perhaps all these are true.

For the Hindu, Muslim and Christian Sikh, Parsi and whatever person of faith caught in the middle it is just a matter of living with dignity, with the ability to practice your faith and go on with your life which matters.

For as long as these borders remain, our psyche will always be divided, although we are not divided in our history, culture and consciousness.

We need to do away with these borders, and let us start dreaming now. Because politicians are people and it is people who create opinion. It is people like us who can put an end to communal violence.

September 10 to September 16th ,2007 is the week to blog for a united India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Voices from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh coming together to say why and how a One State Solution is possible within this subcontinent.Whether and how one State can and should be created.

Here is what you have to do:

Blog about why you want or don’t want an undivided subcontinent.How you think that the creation of One State could solve problems of religious intolerance and security in the subcontinent. And how you think this is possible. What the future holds in store for an undivided subcontinent, what could be possible…

Let us create a coalition to take these voices far and wide. The One State Solution Week. September 10 to 16th, 2007.

This is a collaborative event. If you want to design posters, hand-outs, invites…the more the merrier…

Suggestions and queries welcome.

Let’s make it happen!

37 thoughts on “Blog for a One State Solution

  1. For now, no.
    But we can make one, especially to host non-bloggers opinions.
    This is the idea up to now.That different bloggers can announce the event up until the 2nd September 2007, and then the ones who want to blog about it will do so during the entire week.
    We could have a centralised blog but, I’m not sure thats a good idea.It would be nice to have the event happen simultaneously on various web-sites, in their own style.
    We could have a wikipedia entry! What say?
    In the spirit of this event, I think that it’s perhaps best we have a multiple user non-commercial web-page to bring links together.
    Also, tags, are another way of keeping track(Thanks International Blogging Against Racism Week!).
    I see this as an annual event.Having a wikipedia entry is perhaps the best way to maintain it.

  2. Rahi: Blog about why you want or don’t want an undivided Indian subcontinent. And how you think this is possible. What the future holds in store for an undivided Indian subcontinent, what could be possible…

    I think this is a great idea, Rahi! But I am not sure if this will ever happen. But we can always try. And I really appreciate your efforts on all of this. We need more people like you.

    But I am not as enthusiastic as you about this. IMHO, since the subcontinent was divided based on religion it is highly unlikely the subcontinent will ever be borderless. This is only a dream.

  3. Great idea, Rahima. The British left us with this gift; lets hope we can prove that we are wiser for being an older, more spiritual, civilized people.:)

  4. A United Indian Subcontinent, how about a United India? Pakistan and Bangladesh were always an Integral part of India taken away by the insecurities of a bigoted man named Mohammed Ali Jinnah who wanted to create Pakistan on the basis of secularism, little did the world know that this bigot disowned his own daugther for marrying a Parsi. To have a United India is a great concept, it would benefit the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians of India, we are one race and one people, unfortunately as long as India’s neighbors are brainwashed and support terrorist activity against those who are not Muslim. Such an Idea would only a be failure.

    Partition was a shame in 1947 for every Indian

    In 2007, Partition is a blessing.

    Khudah Hafiz.

  5. As an Indian, the concept of a United India is fantastic, but whoever created this blog is crazy for actually believing a Paki or a Bangla would agree to such an idea. Their mentality of Indians is outrageously funny. Pakistani government since its creation has put a negative light about Indians, lied about the history of its people and spread terrorism in Kashmir, India not only killing innocent Hindus who they consider Kafirs but also Kashmiri Muslims. Shame on Pakistan. Let Pakistan live Long and far away from INDIA.!

    Jai Hind!

  6. it’ll happen. but it should be coaxed along gently- the process of dismemberment was abrupt. the process of joining together has to be more considered but as determined. india on its part has to deal with gujarat and a hundred other tragedies and understand that they cannot be allowed to happen. it has to gather the courage to systematically eliminate all the elements, institutions and ideas that build walls and fences between communities… and thrive on fear and hatred.
    simultaneously, india also has to look at giving back rights to the states and to ensure more representation for all castes and sects at all levels, in all fields.
    pakistan has to learn democracy and understand no religious ‘interpretation’ of governance, democracy or people’s rights is acceptable in an interconnected world. bangladesh has to understand that democracy is the only way towards progress even though it might be the toughest path to take. it has to learn from pakistan’s history.

  7. United India or Indian
    sub-continent(Pakistan,India,Tibet,Nepal,Bangladesh,Burma,Srilanka) to India suffered a lot. Particularly
    down the line past 1000 years Country suffered a lot, wealth looted,
    people converted forcibly or voluntarily. Culture and heritage sabotaged. In
    the above list SRILANKA,NEPAL and TIBET are among the list of
    ASTADASHA(18) shakti peethas and ATMA LINGAS(SHIV LING) which are considered
    to be very sacred to HINDUS. But the KARMA BHOOMI(India) tolerated all
    the atrocities never tried to invade any land anytime.

    Besides the carnage the country is divided but never fall
    down and continuing its journey with time and will continue to do so.
    Rather the country produced many fruits to the world to enjoy the
    benefits. Among them are 0. With out which nothing will run including this
    mail in current world. But we Indians never claimed patents and IPR over

    From Alexander to Britishers every body attacked the Nation,
    looted and wreck-aged. Some with weapons some with divide and rule
    policy, polluted the minds of people,blood and jeans as well. Rulers like
    GHORI,GHAJANI,AURANGZEB,ZINNA are a few to mention among them and the
    Nation,the history will never either forget or excuse them. I hope every
    body aware about the history. I read some mail day before from a
    member named junaid mohammad stating

    1)If we question why do all the above mentioned idiotic people do the
    things against Indian sub-continent then what is the response from the

    2)What is the Pakistan role in freedom fight???

    3)Is there any single patriot like bhagat singh,subash chandra bose
    who scarified their lives for the freedom struggle, from Pakistanti

    4)While India built towers and buildings in the name of zinna, Why
    did zinna ask for partition except to satisfy his ego and superiority and

    5)Why Pakistan is so much crying on Kashmir besides it defeated
    utterly 4 times by India?

    6)After gaining the 3/4 enrich land Through partition, Why did
    Pakistan Occupied kashmir illegally? Gave away piece of land to China? What
    the world is doing blody hell?

    7)What is China interest in Aksai chin and Tibet? Why did they
    occupied and posse-sing MANAS SAROVAR? Are they happy to do like this because
    We Indian offered piece of thought(Buddism) to them or by looking at
    Shri Nehru do they thought that nothing will happen or no body will
    either question or do anything in future if they occupy and do whatever
    they want?

    8)what the so called nations and world is doing except murmuring?

    9)Did they achieve anything except wreckage name in the history?Does
    the ALMIGHTY asked them to do so?

    You all must understand that JAMMU AND KASHMIR (including pok,and
    the parts in china possession) is PART AND PARCEL OF INDIA. Its our
    Head. It is very clear that ISLAM rulers and Britishers(leave few
    exceptions) raided,looted and spoiled thoughts,people,wealth,land. The carnage
    is still happening like jihadi attacks? So the World and those who all
    are generating wrong thoughts,writing wrong scripts and shouting
    slogans should better keep quiet and watch. The fact is that Islam is
    migration to INDIA and the people(majority or minority) living in
    PAKISTAN,BANGLADESH,INDIA are just immigrants. Those who are all don’t know history and didn’t finish schooling should better go and try to grab the knowledge first and then do anything. If they have anything worthy like
    we(Indians) did they better try out and help the world.
    We Indians have every right to do? Dharma will win and truth will
    prevail always.

  8. “……..lets hope we can prove that we are wiser for being an older, more spiritual, civilized people.:) ………”

    As long as we are going to call it “India” or the “Indian” sub-continent or United “India”, none of them are going to join us. Instead of calling it as Pakistan and Bangladesh ‘joining’ India, we could think of a new name (like the United States or the UNited Kingdom or the United Arab Emirates), which is neutral and does not give any indication of any race or religion inhabiting it. Rather, we all can come together, forming a NEW state. No doubt history says India is the mother of these countries, religions etc etc. But by asserting this fact, we are only showing off that we are superior. If we really ARE peace loving, wiser, more spiritual and civilized people, and want to put an end to this hatred, we need to give way to a new beginning-….. so why not start with the name itself?? Calling India, an Apple is neither going to change its past or present, nor its people!

    Ideas/comments invited.

  9. I’m sorry about coming across as Indo centric.
    Especially since I see that i don’t have any takers form Pakistan or Bangladesh as yet.
    But you’re right.India has had a very hegemonic role to play in the politics of this entire region, even with respect to Sri -Lanka and Tibet, Nepal…
    Let’s open it out.
    Calling it a One State Solution Week is perhaps the best way to get out of the India dominating trap.
    I shall the change the contents of this post.
    And thank you for pointing this out.Would you like to be a volunteer.There is a lot to do and I don’t want to do it alone.

  10. While a day after the writing of my earlier writing, a democrat from U.S
    senate expressed his view stating that

    “If he would be the PRESIDENT OF USA, he would have stopped the aid
    to Pakistan and attacked the training camps at Pakistan “. If people
    of USA, and Americans thinking in such a nice way why not WE Indians?

    Germaine’s are united and so as Korea’s in future. Why not India???
    Actually my writing was side tracked by the members of the SARAI.
    Its not like India-Centric or language as some of the member expressed.
    Akhand Bharat is used to speak Sanskrit as the medium of communication.
    Still many words are imported from Sanskrit and used in the national
    language(HINDI) and regional languages. Now a days English is the common
    medium of communication used in the world.

    PAKISTAN and their supporters writing here SHOULD RETHINK about their
    thoughts and understanding towards their pseudo practices over religion.
    Since India is the exporter of BUDDHISM a transformation of Hinduism to
    Asia, We Indians are ready to offer afresh thought again in the form of
    YOGA and the importance of prayer to make countries and people feel
    better, confess themselves and refrain from violent thoughts.

    Even British handed over Hong Kong to Chaina after 99 year lease
    India did the same against Pakistan in the wars.
    If leases and defeats are generously managed
    Then whynot Pakistan and Chaina do the same in case of India?
    What the hell the world is doing at the suffering of our hearts and

    This community include a variety of reporters,filmmakers,software
    engineers and intellectuals working at various capacities, I just ask you
    to think it and spread on the idea to claim the PATENTS AND

    The following are a few of the Barbarian attacks,losses and culture

    1) Ghajani on Somanath temple
    2) Ghori rule
    3) Tuglaq rule
    4) Aurangzeb witched, weird conversion tactics on Hindu woman
    5) Attacks from Partia
    6) Kohinoor and several precious diamonds, peacock crown at world
    7) Zinna 2 nation theory and power joy at the cost of Indian patriot
    8) Illegal possession of land in Pakistan and China Hands
    (those are not empty peaks but the heart beat of Indians)
    9) Jihadi attacks on India

    Isliye mein likha hoon ki hamko kuch bhi karne ka hak hai.

  11. we the people of the new world…you may called it a globalized one…need to think about our great aims in terms of the newer conditions ,changing everyday phenomenon. our past only can give us a gideline for our future…but it should not be allowed to determine the path. india itself is an abstract idea..and there is a different india for each individual. what i want to mean is the individual perception of india within each individual. then the question comes , where do thye converge or diverge?
    if we talk about indian subcontinent and its spliting by various historical/political forcess and making of boundaries ,it was and is always a matter of contestation betwween the power holders…. be they kings or sultans or heads of the communities or chiefs of the houses or leaders of the political parties…but where do we get peoples’ voice? if our present project is political i am not very clear about its proceedings . in the political front we need different planning to cope up with the narrow , stinking , bloodshedded,blamished equations of cleverness and cunningness, the over powering chemistry of individual gain in the name of community service. politically speaking as nations we are still to achieave democracy. democracy is still an illussory term for common people ,and by maintainig this illution political/fundamental/facist forcess achieave their goals of deviding people, make people fight against people, causing violence and mass destruction for their narrow profits which in long run makes the formation of rigid boundaries and borders.
    leave apart those morbid thoughts,lets talk about hopes. we need to look at and work with the culture of the people which always acted as the resistance to those above mentioned greedy forcess. be it Bhabai of western india or Patuas of Bengal or Bauls and fakirs of Bangladesh, Pakisthan, Afganisthan or Sufiana songs of Kashmir or Pandavani of Central india or how many should i name of the meadiaval bhakti/sufi poets …..such an diverse field of peoples’ culture which still exist, some with good health some with their last forebearers, all of them in the ground talks about a country which has long been forgotten by the torch bearers of the political forcess and even by the intellengentia of this subcontinent, about which we are dreeming to have one united state….the “one state solution”. the basic ground of democracy and tollerance is prepared by those endless number of cultural acctivists , upon which our leaders of the independece struggle took charge of creating a free nation but ends up with an immature result by eventually splitting it into parts and upon which our present leaders thrives and play their tricks. that ground is still fertile and still producing crops for whole human kind ,not only for this subcontinent!!!
    my present works proceed towards this kind of cultural activism to open out the channels for free flow of peoples culture from one terrirory to other, crossing over the man made borders. to end at present with a gergon…people were never so devided as we intellengentia percieve….

  12. Hi Raheema,

    One State Solution is indeed a viable solution and worthy of support. But like all solutions in such matters it will, in my view, last for a long time if and only if we humans stop attaching ourselves excessively on our own respective religions.

    But your dream of a united country comprising of all the three states of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is a beautiful dream. No harm in vying for it to come true. But take care to ensure that you won’t feel hurt if very few others seem to share your dream.

    Whenever and wherever I can, I will share my support for the initiative you have started.

    Bright blessings of our universe,

  13. Dear Rajesh!
    Thank you very much.Your support means a lot to me.
    I hope that this dream becomes a collective dream. And you’re right, we need a lot of subjectivities and religions and stand-points to come together for this to actually materialise.
    With the promise of keeping you posted,
    For those of you on the network , Rajesh Gajra runs a community worth being in called Gujarat 02,Bombay 93,Delhi 84.

  14. Sir/Madam,
    It should be very clear that, PAKISTAN is an Independent State in South Asia and will never be a part of fool’s paradise (india), because we don’t trust you, and the “The TWO NATION Theory” reawiaken after every Gujrat Disaster etc.

    And Whole Jammu and Kashmir is not belong to India where U occupy them with State Terrorism, and Kashmir is of only Kashmiris’ not to india and not to PAKISTAN,

    But if you want “FREINDSHIP” with us on equality basis we will warm welcome U and your countory,

    God Bless You

  15. Dear Yalmai,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The Two Nation Theory led to the formation of Pakistan.

    This event seeks to do away with the Two Nation Theory.

    Lets think about a One State Solution.

  16. distrust is a kind of poison that never leaves your soul, u r paralyzed for ever. i say this cos, the nations distrust each other too much to come closer together and become one entity.

    i would believe in a united sub-continent only in a dream. it’s the cultural integration that inspires me. but pitfalls in politics remind me that it’s possible only in utopia.

    i also believe in one world and visa-free travel. but sigh, dreams are just dreams. 😦

    and oh, i am from bangladesh.

  17. I strongly support this idea. Let us take example of European Union.
    Let’s start with a soft Border amd common currency.
    Why only 3 cuntry. I would like to suggest whole 7 [now 8] countries of SAARC to be included in this One Ste Theory.
    Lat us think wheather UNITED STATES OF SOUTH ASIA..this name is acceptable or not .

    I would like to help you guys for this noble cause.

    Let us be a part of this GOLDEN DREAM.

    Let us try to trasform this dream into reality.

  18. I’m a Bangladeshi and I’m a strong Patriot, and I strongly support a United South Asia. However, there is too many obstacles that will get in the way. Who can actually put away his or her nationalism and reverse the mess that the British made in 200 years? The Mughals kept the sub-continent united but the British left a “divide and conquer effect”. The punjabi Muslims killed the Bengali Muslims and the punjabi Muslims are at constant war with India over kashmir. There are forces in this world who would rather see people buy guns to kill each other so they can profit from the weapons sale and they will do any thing and everything to keep the war going.

    If South Asia was united, we would be in the same level as China. A gigantic economy and major superpower.

    Pakistan is getting more unstabalized and Bangladesh is not far behind to tearing apart (REMEMBER I’M A BANGLADESHI SAYING THIS).

    English should be the national language which would be a neutral language. I’ll write an article about this.

  19. it is offcourse a great anxiety we r living with in this subcontinent’s present condition. the political scenario may seem to be badly rotten but more and more people are becoming aware about the false claims of the political waggons. hopes are always there for some more participation of the people in deciding their future. we really need to concentrate enhance cultural and social commutication through various ways, like this blog…which may lead to some kind of crosscultural events when we can physically figure out some better ways to live our life with more peace and harmony. in concequence this will enhance the fellow feeling of our people and make us aware about our common destiny….thaks

  20. honestly speaking…i love the idea…but some ppl here keep pushing the idea about hinduism for some reason…

    Why have u failed to understand that India wouldn’t be unified in the middle ages if it weren’t for the mughals. And stop calling the ‘ISLAM’ rulers, the word is muslim, go back and finish high school for god’s sake…you don’t know anything about history. Muslim BARBARIANs that brought in the much needed military technology, without which india would be doomed… Under the mughals, and several of it’s predecessor’s india was unified, unified better than now. Honestly India is much better off with someone like Ashok or Akbar than any racist & religious fanatic hindu king/ruler you’re thinking of

    If a unified india is to exist, there can be no state religion. Actually the love for religion has to be the first thing to go down the drain…

    And stop pushing the idea about buddhism being india’s copyright ok?? Lets get real….that was AGES a go!!! drop the friggin’ bullshit!!! If u can ask for copyright over buddhism, the chinese guy who invented paper deserves 40c from every dollar u earn, Ok??

    What I see clearly is that British divide and conquer technique has worked, I don’t advocate that people aurangzeb, zinna were good leaders, but the truth is it’s people like you that has prevented unified India. I mean you call India secular?? even though u have a totally religiously dedicated political party -BJP, that actually wins the election. This goes on to show that Indians are no less religiously fanatical than pakistanis….

    If we are to unite india, then we need to get rid of these fanatics, lets face it, China’s bigger, stronger, advanced and much more unified…If india doesn’t take initiave, the ‘String of Pearls’ strategy is unavoidable, and in the end it’s the indian subcontinent that will be destroyed…

    Just so that you dont get confused, I am bengali living overseas for a long time….

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