No more fear.


Did you hear the latest?



This time it’s not a little bird,



It’s a huge shout that rings through the air.



Women are free.



Yes. We are.



You may not have noticed. But while you were dreaming, we woke up and started to think. We have decided to let go of our inhibitions.



Our internally built rules.



We cannot pretend to ignore anymore.



We will not be apologetic about just being.



We are.



We’re free.



Inconsolably . We swear. We believe. We KNOW. For Sure. That the time has come, we will not bend. We will just swoop and soar.



And tomorrow, has.Already.Come.



So when I want to take a walk, whatever be the time of the beautiful night, I take a walk. And I walk the streets with no fear as to where I may go or how far away from home. I walk when I walk. Daringly, fearlessly, I explore my territory. I will not relent this right.



And when I want to take a profession, I go out and create my domain. And not wait for anyone to take notice of me. I live it with my blood, sweat and brains.I create new worlds for me and fellow human beings.



When I want to wear something, I wear it, for whoever, and for me.



I cut my hair short. I take a break from work. I like to live. I have no fear.



When I want to blow my top, I take a walk. I get angry. I have to scream. I have a temper. I feel like shit. It’s amazing but I can really think for myself. I dream also. I really like the mist. I can’t wait to see the day I make the most of my talents. I will go on and on and on.



And on…


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