Today at 7 pm , on Breaking News at Headlines Today and Aaj Tak ,
The entire Exposé of the Gujarat Genocide.

It’s happening.It’s finally happening!

And it is also time to shed light on what really happened in Godhra.


The Tehelka Story on the operation brings to us the remorseless voices that orchestrated the tragedy.

After having moved the fourth estate, lets hope and pray that this operation moves the judicial machinery into taking the right steps towards trying and punishing all the accused named and implicated in the videos.Elections are due in December and contrary to the BJP’s view that this comes as a sabotaging act to the electoral process, this is in fact an aid to the concept of free and fair democracy.

A lot of what the tapes tell us is common knowledge in Gujarat. But having perpetrators implicate themselves on film is evidence that cannot be easily denied.And for the process of trial there is this and much more.It is time for the Center and the Election Commission to step in and stop the same criminal government from coming back again, in the name of development and progress.

For the public of Gujarat that seeks to put the shadows of 2002 behind, there can be no circumventing the issues of 2002.These are glaring wounds that yearn to be dealt with.

As a people we give thanks in deference to the entire Tehelka team, to Tarun Tejpal, Harinder Baweja, Ashish Khetan and Shoma Choudary among others.

Indscribe has an account of the gruesome details that Operation Kalank has brought to light.(via Blogbharti)


4 thoughts on “DONT MISS!

  1. Screen, what happened in Gujarath is utterly tragic.

    But what we witnessed in Gujarath goes back a long way. There were millions of other people that died owing to this clash of civilizations.

    This hatred between the two civilizations is pretty deep rooted (almost in the genes) and is the result of centuries of bloody invasions (as far as India is concerned).

    And why did the other community perpetrate so many bloody invasions? Probably their religion? Maybe.

    If we read our history, it is very clear they were out to annihilate our civilization and our belief systems. They systematically destroyed all places of worship and built mosques over the destroyed temples. If this goes on for centuries, it is quite natural for the oppressed community to be enraged and angry.

    Has this community changed over centuries? Is it showing willingness to change? Nope. If anything the situation is getting worse. Plus this is post 9/11 world. And any common man in India knows what I am talking about here.

    You may never truly understand the trauma, the fear, the loss that Hindus feel and felt for centuries during the invasions. And incidents like train burning are bound to enrage people (given their reputation over the years).

    I say this with great humility and respect for your opinions and ideas, but I feel you are being very one sided with this whole issue about muslims in India. I know that you’re a person with great insight, I wish you’d see this from an Indian’s point of view as well.

  2. of course what happened in Gujarat is a shame for Indian democracy, the mark that left on peoples mind is endalable. But people should unite together to prevent such incident further.

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