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Up she goes…

Come Josephine in my flying machine, oh and up, she goes…
Dear God.

from you we all come and to you will we return.

up she goes…

being born into a razzamtazz that qualifies you to be what? So dead.
“and all she does is complain.”
while around you is the razzmatazz, and gory trash.
so while you rest in peace,
“she’s just a nice girl,”

“a pawn”
you, Mukhtar,Taslima,me,Nasreen,Zainab,Afroze, Shaista…we bear the pain and scrutiny

of harsh male authority
the legacies,
of fathers,brothers,uncles and husbands,

as they go about their semi-serious businesses.
We’re in a mess.

Harsh oblivion.
we crowd around your body.
up in smoke,
Died like you had to?

“Do you believe in destiny?”

I scowl.

My gut hurts.
I have no dignity left.
I retch, the food in my belly threatens to come out…

May Allah bring to my belly the fire and ice that bears women like you.

Lets not mourn yet.
there will be a thousand more of us, each stronger, braver louder and,

She leaves us behind,
Up, sheee goes.


ballot box

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This is a message in public interest circulated by the White Ribbon Campaign for Peace(India).You can also view it here and on Blogbharti.

Please copy and distribute extensively.

Ind-Linux, women and the ‘free’-world.



When you feel like you’re feeding all your talent and your accomplishments down a bottom-less pit, stop and think, woman. They just don’t get it.


SO, where is the hope?


I have been attending the Free Open Source Software conference in Bangalore for the past three days now, and this is the beginning of my blogging foray about it.



This conference has been good for me so far, although there are still technical glitches in my mind about what artists and designers can contribute to the FOSS world. I’m attending this conference more because I’m interested in the frame-works that open-source communities work around, because it’s the culture that interests me and because I think I belong to it. However, as an artist who can do much more than graphics,I think that there are still directions that need charting out for both the creative world and the software world. I hope that somewhere along the next few days, some of those directions will emerge in our heads.



When you meet ‘brilliant’ women who pretend like there is nothing wrong or exclusionary about the scenario, they can’t be that brilliant, can they?


Today among the many worthwhile sessions I caught was the BOF or Birds of a feather session for Linux Chicks (written ‘Chix’, wonder why) India. And it brought it all back. And maybe there is hope.


When the damn patriarchy starts to damn you, then you could damn them back, they aren’t that holy anyway. But they ain’t even worth the effort.


Why must you evangelise Free Software among women? Because it just gets more women in. And because the technological world has the same problems as the real world although it pretends like it doesn’t, but the technological world has with it the possibility of creating freer worlds.


Feminist knowledge has been community oriented and community driven. Open Source frame-works are a vital part of such synergizing, because we in the open-source world believe in the power of collaboration, of shared frameworks and non-proprietary work that should benefit all humankind irrespective of existing hierarchies of power.


How much of your effort is lost in just trying to fight? A lot of women gave up doing the work that only they could have because they were stretched too thin.

So here it is. Get more women in. This is the only way. Stop being exclusionary and defensive about your knowledge assets. Get more democratic and participatory. Get innovative. Get out of the box. Start talking to more women. Stop trying to prove yourself to mentors who are sexist. Don’t waste your energy in listening to sexist critiques which try to dictate to you. There is work to do.


The centers of power have shifted. Maybe we’re all lagging behind .Look around. See. Refresh.

And no one can afford to hold on to their knowledge anymore. Someone would have stepped over them already. It’s smart to share, because jargon is just jargon. Everyone has their own. You need to communicate to get across, and start the real work.

When things get tight, the air needs to be let out, because that’s the only way to breathe.


documentation is important.


Blasé ness: indifference caused due to the over familiarity of something.


Can someone really change the world?
Or is that just something you believe when you’re in college or school and then laugh about when you’re older and the world has numbed you enough?

This work comes out of the involvement that I had with ‘activism’ during college.
And somewhat more grown up today, I find myself already becoming tired, harrowed, stoic,restricted and self-involved. Plus there is the original pain of proving oneself and making it in a confusing art world that looms over so many of my friends and me. I hope it doesn’t drain us of what made us want to do art in the first place.

Is the everyday of my life ever relevant enough to fit into the ‘bigger picture’?

How tight are your boundaries that separate personal from political?

Why am I so blasé?

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The black clouds loom low in Karnataka today, while I just worked and wondered.Here’s some more from that disjuncture.Documentation of ‘Why am I so blasé?’ at the World Information City Exhibition from a long two years ago.

The WI City Exhibition was curated by Ayisha Abraham, Kiran Subbiah and Namita Malhotra.

Credits for documentation: Subhashri Krishnan, Rumah Razaque and Clifton D’Rosario.

Thanks also to the entire Culture Move experience 😉