documentation is important.


Blasé ness: indifference caused due to the over familiarity of something.


Can someone really change the world?
Or is that just something you believe when you’re in college or school and then laugh about when you’re older and the world has numbed you enough?

This work comes out of the involvement that I had with ‘activism’ during college.
And somewhat more grown up today, I find myself already becoming tired, harrowed, stoic,restricted and self-involved. Plus there is the original pain of proving oneself and making it in a confusing art world that looms over so many of my friends and me. I hope it doesn’t drain us of what made us want to do art in the first place.

Is the everyday of my life ever relevant enough to fit into the ‘bigger picture’?

How tight are your boundaries that separate personal from political?

Why am I so blasé?

Originally uploaded by abominable_eagle

The black clouds loom low in Karnataka today, while I just worked and wondered.Here’s some more from that disjuncture.Documentation of ‘Why am I so blasé?’ at the World Information City Exhibition from a long two years ago.

The WI City Exhibition was curated by Ayisha Abraham, Kiran Subbiah and Namita Malhotra.

Credits for documentation: Subhashri Krishnan, Rumah Razaque and Clifton D’Rosario.

Thanks also to the entire Culture Move experience 😉

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