I testify.


I always have the feeling I’m communicating to an amorphous audience; and that only a part of you that read my work actually show up and say something about it.Well, keep reading.

I’ve been meaning to write about many things but the real impetus to blog came after looking at this video of Asra Aksamija’s performance/presentation, at the Dictionary of War, which is a project aimed at understanding ‘war’ in today’s world.

Many things have been on my mind, white ribbons, e-governance, Jinnah, Modi(who’s coming to Bombay soon , and is being heralded by banners all over the city)…So I hope I have the wherewithal to communicate all of them, and after the initial coughs, to carry out all that has been on hold so far.

l a b e l s continues to be at the center of the table and many many collaborations will be at the foam of your blogospheric wave.I’m still looking and now with much more power and zest than ever before, so if you want to talk about your identity with me, then you know what to do. Please write in at project.labels@gmail.com.

Looking forward to a very exciting New-Year!

Ta, ta!


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