Under the aegis of trial and performance: yeh kya jagah hai doston…

Tamaan umr ka hisaab maangti hai zindagi.

When a tangential truth is sought brutally,

because existence has to be negotiated between

oppressive dark trials of morality,

Your jeering faces begin to look ridiculous to me.

I cannot pretend not to notice you.


Trial , however is a sterner thing.

thinner than a hair, sharper than a sword’s edge…


yeh kis makaam par hayaat mujh ko leke aagayi.

And ‘courting’ armpits of disharmony are the deepest furrows.

A student in Gujarat was gang raped and sexually exploited for over six months by her college staff ( report).


*beginning of a rendition on Shahryar’s lyric for the song ‘Yeh Kya Jagah hai Doston’, from Muzaffar Ali’s Umrao Jaan, sung by Asha Bhosle and performed inimitably by Rekha.


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