‘ Not going into the deep intricacies, Emperor Akbar was against for his son SALIM(later popularly known as JAHANGIR) marriage with slave girl come court dancer ANARKALI. The only reason for this is mughalais were unhappy about AKBAR marriage with the HINDU princess (Jodhabai alias Mariam Zamâni ). Due to this marriage SALIM borne and SALIM again interested to marry a Hindu girl Anarkali. Hence being feared to face the aggression from own and rival communities and to avoid conflicts and fights, Akbar sandwiched Anarkali in brick wall. This is the original story. 70% fiction is like the 2 questions that jodha put forth to Akbar at the time of her marriage, the songs in it etc., . Rest is all for destructive criticism for vulgar comments.’

-We Wi.

(in response to this thread on the recent controversy about the film Jodha Akbar)


The Sarai Reader-List.Our Space.



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