‘Sabiya The Space Explorer’


Originally uploaded by perfectlymadebirds

‘Honoring the Women Personnel Of the Pakistani Starfleet.’

In her cross-country travels Screen Sifar came across plethora of other space cadets, all stemming from the expert console of General Kenny Irwin.
These staunchly patriotic figures are as undaunted by the rigmarole of space travel as they are by the challenges of the mundane and fly by night world of technology.

Screen Sifar’s faithful Challenger Technobot was a little harried by the journey and of all the places one could hope for for spare parts , she would have thought Kandahar to be way in the lower rung, but oh how wrong she was!

We’re going to stop here for some much needed replenishment.

Brandish your White Ribbons!

Steer Clear!


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