Thanks Rae, but, I’m no Labrat.

Dear Rahima

We are pleased to inform you that you have been nominated by your friend Rae to join our research facility at Monsterco. At the outset we would like to tell you that we are a very exclusive team working on a pioneering technology and our requirements are extremely stringent. Firstly we will explain a little about our technology and then pass on to the role that we would like you to play. In our labs we create some thing called Genetically modified food. This means we take genes from one organism like bacteria, spiders; scorpions etc and insert it into the cells of another organism like rice, corn, wheat etc. so it develops certain new characteristics. (Doesn’t that sound absolutely delicious?). The good news doesn’t stop there! We have already fed this food to mice in our lab and they have largely done fine except a few labrats who experienced precancerous growths in their digestive tracts, inhibited development of brains, damage to the liver, enlarged pancreases and intestines and damage to the immune system. You will certainly agree with us that keeping all this in mind we found it absolutely ready for human consumption. Well infact we will be launching this wonderful technology in the form of BT brinjals in India in the near future. This is where you come in, we would like to join our great effort and accept the post of “Chief Lab rat”.

This is a designation of tremendous importance to the growth of this technology in India . A post where you could help create history and become a martyr in the commendable cause of the multinationals. We are certain that you have all the requisite qualities like a lack of intelligence, ignorance, lack of concern for the health of oneself and those of your loved ones etc. However if you still feel that you do not have what it takes to become a lab rat please click on the following link and let the concerned authorities know.


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