It’s King Kong!


Is my city under siege?

I am harrowed, and I am reacting, but I am not retaliating.

And in my life, it is business as usual.

My heart goes out to the brave policemen who died fighting to keep my city safe.To them and their families I owe the greatest of gratitude.Thank you for your service.You do us proud.You will be remembered.

This is about community.The community of this city, the one hundred and twenty seven people of our city who died, about the machinery of our city.It is about how well we can counter these grave madmen.



2 thoughts on “It’s King Kong!

  1. i express my solidarity to sufferings you people have gone through…and also express an deep anxiety to the growing terrorist attack all over the subcontinent….my deepest regards to the brave hearts who sacrificed their life to bring back our life to normalcy………time has already come to think thrice on the interconnectivity and permiability between the power centers of this subcontinent….amen

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