On the rising cult of women entrepreneurs

Sunday Vijay Times, May 15 2006


SEEKING escape form the nine-to five routine of being employed has led many women to set up businesses and entrepreneurships of their own. Increasingly, one finds people opting for employment on a temporary or contract basis. This allows for a greater freedom of movement and for working on projects that one is interested in and seeks to learn from. The main reasons for opting out of regular employment with a firm on a long-term basis are risks of stagnation and not having the freedom to allot time for yourself and your family.

With IT companies; requirements are often project dependent and temporary recruitment that cannot be arranged by interviews are handed over to consultants who do the grimy work of head hunting. Companies like Wipro, Infosys etc have a list of vendors who approach for various requirements in terms of technical staff for particular projects.  Independent consultancies are of various various kinds. Some like Patricia Noronha.s company called Pat Inc have certain exclusivity in the candidates they supply.  Pat Inc focuses on all non-IT related recruitment. .For starters, you need to check the market and be aware and conscious of teething problems. says Noronha, who entered this business after leaving a corporate job.

Sharwari was working with an IT company when she decided to move on and start a consultancy of her own. She says that you must have the initial patience to bring the business to a point where it starts bringing in returns. Undoubtedly, she says that the perks and the money are better than what she got as a regular employee. She finds more and more women; some among her friends starting up own business, and that there are very few people who close shop despite its many challenges.

Shabana Kouser who works for recruitment department at Wipro says that the amount of people opting for contract labour is increasing although the incentives are not that many; for example, a contract worker has no freedom. She finds more and more women; some among her friends starting up own business, and that there are very few people who close shop despite its many challenges.

Meera Chayapathy of Info Quest runs a placement consultancy that provides employment mostly for married women. It’s a two-year-old company and has associates both in Mumbai and Chennai, with a team of 10 people in Bangalore. .The ability to take investment risks, guts and conviction are really what makes you stay in the business ., she says. Also, one must understand the technology and have an urge to learn. She says that most of her placements are driven by candidate profiles and project requirement of the company.  She likes her job because now she gets to spend the weekends with her family and also gets the flexibility that she needed.

Most of these women say work pressure in starting out your own business is almost as high or probably even more than the pressure of working for someone.  Here, you have to deal with many more responsibilities, but the thrill that they say lies in making it work is quite unlike any other.

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