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Mass murder, forgiveness and guilt

General Butt Naked is the murderer of 20,000 people in the Liberian civil war and is a reformed sinner.Liberia , like much of Africa is steeped in mass crimes and does not figure in our register of places that we think about.

However , being in India makes it mucho important to think about places like Liberia, people like Joshua Milton Blahyi,  and mass crimes and gross human rights violations. It puts things in perspective.

Ryan Lobo and his team put together a documentary about the man.He also figures in his new show in town about war and forgiveness.

Know more in this youtube video of a BBC documentary about the Liberian war-lord turned evangelist.

Thoughts on crime


-doing things because you can.

-having no grace.

-doing things even though you know better.

-doing things by force.

-living off someone’s labour.

-doing things in the full light of the collective thinking that you will get away with doing them.

-inhibiting someone’s life.

-operating through fear.

-thinking through the collective.

-singling people out.

-misusing/abusing power.

-thinking you have an unquestionable right to something.

-hurting someone.

-operating out of habit or the already understood.

-taking the world at face-value.

-perceiving someone as helpless and vulnerable.

-taking advantage of someone you perceive as helpless and vulnerable.

-taking more than your money’s worth.

-expecting more than your money’s worth.

-subjecting someone you think is oppressed to more abuse.

-treating people judgmentally with regard to their background.

-not respecting people’s space and privacy.

-not giving people their dues.

-propagating evil in society.

-inhibiting competition.

-thinking that you can get away with hurting someone.

-taking despondency for granted.

Thoughts on privacy

I befriend you
You befriend me
You impinge upon my life
You think there’s nothing wrong in doing so
You think my life can be violated
You want to stay in my present existence,
You want to be me
You are living off me
You want to live my life.

You want to subject my existence to your vile contempt even as live off me.