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The Argument continues…

I dont want to ‘problematise’ my own life, because where it all ends is when art begins.
the truth is beyond what we make of the argument ,
and the argument always continues.

and when I sit down and think about knowledge,
what does it mean to know?
how do you know if you’ve known?
the argument continues.

Someone, somewhere sitting alone at his studio is making us all dance to his tunes
the artist in me trying to reach him makes hoarse cries clothed in language
and the argument continues.

Give, my friend ,
Release, my friend,
Dont hold on to your knowledge my friend,
S y n e r g i s e, my friend,

In your heart is the seed of all scholarship.
To know, or to act?
The head or the heart ?

The argument continues…


I wrote this for the Art History Seminar at M.S. University in 2006, performed along with what was then the ‘Historical Band’, Deepankar Gohain,Pradeep Kambathalli and Sabih Ahmed.


he lay still,
with a posse of family
and friends encircling his dead body
19, the photograph said.

the face had a white salve on it
he had been shot
by armed forces of the government.

-written at the Jaaga Creative Writing Workshop conducted by Athena Kashyap.