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Cognitive science and the courses I haven ‘t blogged

street scholars 'enchantment and politics' programme

Cognitive science is one of the most the most challenging fields in academia today and is exciting and interdisciplinary in the ways that it can tell us about the mind.
The national institute of advanced studies is holding a summer school on cognition this month and I’m happy to have gotten in.more on the courses I haven’t blogged coming up.

a residency!

I’ve been chosen to attend the six week residency called ‘State of Being so Divided‘ held by the Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan and Vasl Artists Collective in Karachi which looks at 1947 and 1971   in the context of conflict in the subcontinent and the Partition of India in September.

I’m thrilled to be visiting Pakistan; it could be  cathartic experience for me, after having dealt with communalism for a long time in my career.I’m both anxious as well as enthusiastic about spending time with the Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan.


links for 2011-07-08

  • Interacting with Umesh Kumar after a while has been fruitful.He has had an interesting time at the Gasworks residency in London.We had an interesting conversation in which he gave me some important art historical input, asking me to look up names such as Susan Hiller, Yyvonne Rainer, Martha Rosler and Gordon Martha Clark.
  • Working with Janet and Jennifer from the the Emily Dickenson project has put me on to the "Scum Manifesto' by Valerie Solanas.Janet Burchill and Jennifer Mc Camley shot a film about Valerie Solanas who is said to have shot Andy Warhol.
    The manifesto is as militant as it is true, down to the very last word.

the soul selects her own society

The Soul selects her own Society-
Then-shuts the Door-
To her divine Majority-
Present no more-

Unmoved-she notes the Chariots pausing-
At her low Gate-
Unmoved-an Emperor be kneeling
Upon her Mat-

I’ve known her-from an ample nation-
Choose One-
Then-close the Valves of her attention-
Like Stone-

I was led to this poem by Emily Dickenson through the work of two artists showing a 1ShanthiRoad right now.I think that it applies to ‘reconnaissance 2’  and the labels project.

Is fortunate that ‘The Emily Dickenson project’ is showing with ‘reconnaissance 2’ and that I’ve been able to interact with it. Do come and see us!