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Asia Writes is closing down

The Asia Writes Blog is closing down.This is what they say.

Due to financial constraints, we are forced to stop updating Asia Writes at this time. If you would like to sponsor the site or have contacts with institutions that would like to fund/ help in keeping this site running, please get in touch with us at



a writer of colour

My essay, ‘Curfew’ has been published in Sundryed Affairs , a journal of non-fiction for writers of colour.

This is how the journal describes itself:

SunDryed Affairs is an online nonfiction magazine, featuring primarily the work of writers of color. It was born out of the noticeable lack of ethnic diversity in the collective blog arena, a place generally filled with quality writing, yet oftentimes, writing for, by, and about one tiny corner of white America.

The name is a play on the words “sundry,” meaning various, and “sundried,” which calls up images of brown. Our goal is to make a space for writers of color to share an array of ideas, whether on politics or music, travel or family, from the quotidian to the earth-shattering, in an environment that feels inclusive and familiar while still being distinctly fresh.

This is a link to the page.

I’m terrible excited that I’ve published here, writing from India.It makes me seem like the process is getting somewhere, knowing how hard it is to live and survive , even in a post-colonial country.