My residency

I’m on the verge of losing my residency.I haven’t managed to get a Visa on time and the organisation seems to have left me out their budgeting process because my passport took a long time to come through given that I haven’t been in this city for more than a year, wasn’t planning to move back here when I moved, couldn’t get the documents together on time…

We’re into the fourth day of the six week residency.I’m going through a travel agent in order to get the Visa made, and he says that it could take about seven days for the Visa to come through.

The organisation says ‘better luck next time!’, but I’m not willing to let this residency go…I need it desperately right now…the energy, being in Pakistan…1947, 1961, the Urdu, a chance to work with Citizen’s archive of Pakistan, having a show in Karachi…

I feel really culturally drained right now,  and this residency and making work around the theme ‘State of being so divided’ promises to be cathartic as well as rejuvenating…It would be a pity to let it go.


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