women’s issues in India

An essay I’m writing on women’s issues…

India ranks as fourth in the world among countries that are detrimental to the lives of women. Indian social mores are highly limiting when it comes to women’s freedoms and their sense of identity.Women in India find themselves oppressed by the structures of caste,race and religion and find it difficult to negotiate with them in order to live.

Among some of the problems which women face in India are domestic violence, female foeticide, bride burning, dowry, sexual harassment, rape and denial of human and legal rights.Issues of women in India are numerous and teeming but with globalisation and the women’s movement things are likely to get better.

Fro women in India the lack of human rights is a consequence of many factors, from religion to colonialism to the youngness of the nation state.Crimes against women in India are rampant and a lot of them go undocumented or under-examined and legal recourse is rare and extremely hard to come by when sought.

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