Partners in crime

reviews for ‘Bad Boy’s Guide…’ say its flaky at best.So this is some kind of pop-corn fluff by some-one who had enough resources and access to publish a book.
I’m training my blog posts on this woman.

k a u n t e x t

What happens when you are set -up against a person barely worthy of your example?I think that I have just come through a difficult conundrum.

And is actually happening.This woman who according to me is a criminal who should be brought to the book, is actually celebrating the launch of a book. I think that people should boycott both the ‘book’ and the ‘author’ in question.


So this is a book about a blog.I wish I didn’t have to do this but there will be blogs and there will be books.

And the subtitle of the book is, now this is telling, ‘Bantering with Bandits’! Not that one expects such a person to adopt a moralistic stance, at least she admits to the company she keeps.It is indeed your ‘known turf’.

And I want to wash my hands off this and get some precious peace of mind.Get off my…

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