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The hopeless and the hopeful.OSSW’07 Day 5

day 5

The hopeful: But this is a good start. If we can have this every year or twice in a year, we can get some people thinking about the idea and maybe this will catch on, who knows.

So let us give it a try, eh? (Sounds good for me)

The hopeless: Borders have been drawn in blood. Mighty presumptuous or stupidly naive of us to ask for a ‘United India’. One should think of peaceful co-existence, rather than dominate and swallow the neighbour under the thinly veiled pretext of ‘Unity’.

The One State Solution Week was created in order so that voices from Bangladesh,India and Pakistan could share common concerns about a shared history of violence, religious intolerance and colonialisation, in the hope that strong peace keeping ties between the three ‘nations’ will make a stronger lobby for peace and security in the world at large.

The idea is to draw from a pool of writings and and create a platform where these voices can come together, in the form of a web-site or a wikipedia entry.The writings need to be about what you, with your locusts stand I feel about the idea.If you can draw from historical, political, literary or artistic discourses, or better still create your own artistic material, then it would be great.

For non-bloggers:Send your write-ups (original and not longer than 1500 words).Send them in at

For bloggers: Blog your thoughts.Please keep them original, concise and crisp.Tag them OSSW’07 so that your post will be traceable.

Even God needed 7 days.He could have just said ‘Be’.

Nuclear Renaissance

September 10th to 16th, 2007 is the week for Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis blog about why, how and whether you think that a One State Solution will resolve our conflict, make us more tolerant, and contribute to global peace. More Announcements here.

calling Online volunteers!

7 days to go

Volunteers needed!

Volunteers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to carry out the following tasks for the One State Solution Week (10th to 16th September 2007)

1. Helping with conceptualisation.This perspective comes from an Indian.What do you in Pakistan and Bangladesh feel about it?How should the idea be communicated to people from your region?What are the other media in which this idea can be floated so we can reach out to people from all three sides.

2. Spreading the word on blogging communities in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

3.Making sure that there is an impact.Taking the event to the media in all the three countries. And making sure that it gets coverage in prominent media channels across the globe.This is crucial because we want the message to get across to leaders and key-decision makers on all three sides.

4.Urdu, Hindi, Bangla Bloggers are specially required to translate the details about this event, and get across to readers in regional languages, and in the vernacular press.

If you are interested in being a volunteer for this event then leave a comment on this post with your e-mail.

This is a collaborative event.We need to think together to start a ripple.