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Kya aap White ribbon mein shraddha aur imaan rakhte hain?

Do you have faith in the White ribbon?

White Ribbon


Feminist, blogger and activist Anasuya Sengupta, in an essay called ‘Fundamentalisms of the Progressive wrote,

‘One of our campaigns was to wear a white ribbon for peace (the White Ribbon Campaign for Peace, India) – we used it both as a symbol and as a talking point, to begin conversations about violence of all kinds, including what we call ‘communalism’ in India (the rousing of hatred against particular communities). Initially, some of our friends scoffed at us, and wondered what an insignificant white ribbon could do, to change attitudes and animosities.

But the interesting thing was that there were so many people – both young and not so young – who were unable to be political in the same way as they saw ‘activists’; they felt this meant standing at street corners with banners, or going on rallies, or shouting slogans against the government. They found this too ‘political’ (in their understanding of the term), and yet they were deeply disturbed at the kinds of violence being perpetrated in the name of religion.

So for these people, wearing a ribbon was the beginning of a series of conversations they had with others, which began other processes of change, at least in terms of breaking the silence around violence.

And because it was something everyone could do – and have conversations at whatever level of politics and ideology each was comfortable with – it wasn’t intimidating in any way, and yet gave a sense of belonging to a community against violence, and speaking up for peace.’


Do you believe in pluralism and justice?

Are you Secular, liberal, free thinking?

Do you believe that all religion has in its essence ways of leading a soulful, integrated and fulfilled life?

Do you believe that religious extremism has done us no good?

Say No to religious bigotry.

White Ribbon

Wear a White Ribbon today.

Sexual Harassment affects OUR well being.

Imagine a woman who walks the street everyday, she confronts harassment everyday. She braves it ; she has to get to work. Has a job to do. Falls sick, gets depressed, has a low self esteem…Continues to walk the same path.

Imagine a guy who thinks women are just prey to his motives. Stands by the same street, jeers at the same women. Leers, gawks, squats, spits, says bad things, cusses…Everyday, imagining the women are getting pleasure out of his pleasure. Living in the same dreary universe.

Imagine a woman who works in an office, faces harassment, domestic worker, wife, politician, CEO, engineer, activist, lawyer, actress, waitress, teacher, nurse, school-girl, dancer, singer, news-reader, sex-bomb, media tycoon, modesty blaise character, graphic artist, deep thinker, garment factory worker, embroideress , seamstress, oracle, philosopheress, home-maker, air-craft pilot, historian, architect, camera-woman, photographer, jazz musician, talk-show host, chef, farmer, scientist, astronaut, lecturer, principal, psycho-therapist, educator, doctor, theologist , dentist, surgeon, grass-roots entrepreneur, film-maker, novelist, artist…All facing harassment of various degrees.

Men. CEO’s ,Heads of State, urchins, clowns in the circus, jugglers, fire-men, cable-guys, electricians, businessmen, politicians, theologists, anthropologists, musicians, lighting technicians, real estate agents, marriage brokers, ice-candy sellers, guys, lawyers, judges, architects, clerks, office-boys, chartered accountants, management consultants, fathers, brothers, uncles, family friends, family doctors, family disgraces, holy-men, theorists, artists…All creating and perpetuating and churning out harassment.

Two stories from the Indian Express in the month of September. A 3 year old was raped by her uncle while she was left in his care. A twelve year old boy rapes a four year old.

We’re in this together. You make me sick. You, in the process are carrying out a sickness. It spreads like an epidemic. Soon, it gets into the air and a society is suffering in oblivion. We think we’re better than each other, but we’re all sick. We don’t know it yet.

Some of us survive but we’re heavily darkened. We don’t know how we would have been otherwise, what we could have been.

For now, I’m sickened by all this. You make me sick. I’m tired and coughing. Trying to do my job.

But I will not relent. If I do, then I might turn out like you. You make me sick.

Cough cough spit. It out.

I need more strength than this. Let’s make the sir cleaner, air out these putrid fumes.

Start treating me like a human being.


More collective spitting.

We need to get to know each other. But first, ack Thoo.

It doesn’t get dirtier than this. Mucky mucky air. Thooo.I’m so sorry.The language I get is the language I give.For all practical purposes…In a hopelessly uncivilised world.

Here WE are.

you .