Dishevel Me

I could write to you of how I imagine my lover’s jealousy but those things they’ll only pass,
I hope they will, while I wait and ponder.
Because for him, all I do is wait.

So deliver me.
Make me sing in ways that have waited too long.
Dismember the deep pain, take it all away.

Make me talk for I have been silenced.
Why it should it been this way I can only understand when you will arouse me.

Love me, although I may not be able to love back in the same way.
Why this sad story has come to be I’ll only know when we make love.

Decant me of all the accumulated lust, so I’ll flower.
Distance me from this darkness,
Make me full again, so I’ll fulfill you.

Begin me, and I will begin you.

September 2008.

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