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Mass crimes

This is a picture from Congo of which I haven’t been able to trace a story.

Guleord Mbaenda, who posted this in 2010 on his facebook wall is an activist from Congo and said “This tragedy calls for more than compassion with the relatives of the victims. What we need is an improved culture of prevention.”

Mass murder, forgiveness and guilt

General Butt Naked is the murderer of 20,000 people in the Liberian civil war and is a reformed sinner.Liberia , like much of Africa is steeped in mass crimes and does not figure in our register of places that we think about.

However , being in India makes it mucho important to think about places like Liberia, people like Joshua Milton Blahyi,  and mass crimes and gross human rights violations. It puts things in perspective.

Ryan Lobo and his team put together a documentary about the man.He also figures in his new show in town about war and forgiveness.

Know more in this youtube video of a BBC documentary about the Liberian war-lord turned evangelist.