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The NewMediaFest 2007.Please go!

Labels is featured in the NewMediaFest 2007 from 1 November 2007 – 31 May 2008,

as part of the Java Museum‘s Shows on net.art.

Curated by Wilfred Agricola De Cologne this is a show that you must see, called

a+b =ba? [art+blog=blogart?]

ENTER a+b=ba[art+blog=blogart?]

And this way for entire NewMediaFest 2007.

^^^ ————————^^^

{labels is an arts and social entrepreneurial project located primarily on on the internet and realised with various groups .We seek to create empowering narratives of identity in collaboration with people who wish to explore and release themselves from an oppressive strand in their past, through a process that will be played out in life and in art.

Stay locked!}