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One State Solution Week: Political term Update 2:

Locus Standi : Latin for Legal standing. Popularised by Arundati Roy in the God of Small Things as ‘Locusts Stand I‘, this term could be used to indicate a very violable position, or even blatant travesty.

In order to offer someone a position, the speaker needs to have a locusts stand I. Such as the one that America does not have when it says weapons of mass destruction. The usage of this term takes us right into the domain of ethics.

In the construction of an ethic, one needs to be conscious of all that is behind her or him. In art, this is a struggle that results in the questioning of the category itself. In politics, Locusts Stand I means owning up to one’s legacies, and then opening oneself up to take criticism. And standing your ground when the locusts arrive.

While everyone has the right to ask of someone their locusts stand I, everyone actually has a locusts stand I. The resultant debate makes the people decide by who and through what and how this needs to be handled.

Coming together means sharing ground, and responsibility. And agitation.

Collective angst, Collective Will. One State.

Let’s create a world where no one must ever have to give up their Locusts Stand I.

One State Solution Week, 2007.