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An Open archive.

—————————————————————————————-pad.ma’, is an acronym for Public Access Digital Media Archive, whose name derives its origin from the Sanskrit term for a thousand petalled lotus, and also, they say, short for an adage, ‘paani saare dhaga ma’.

What this is for dummies is a non-commercial archival website where you can download, watch, learn about, use and add to documentary video footage from various sources, for free!

pad.ma is being developed by Majlis, the Alternative Law Forum, Point of View and Chitrakarkhana.

To know more, join us at a public discussion about the discourses that shape it.

Where: “Who Are We?” hall – inside the Discovery of India exhibition,
First Floor,
Nehru Centre,
Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Worli, Mumbai – 400018.

When:Monday, February, 16, 2009, 11:am to 7pm.

Agaaz-Akanksha – Bombay
Ayisha Abraham – Bangalore
Desire Machine Collective – Guwahati/Shillong
GBGB Andolan (NAPM) – Bombay
Jan Gerber and Sebastian Lütgert – Berlin
Kaushik Bhaumik – Bombay
Lawrence Liang -Bangalore
Nida Ghouse – Bombay
Nilanjan Bhattarcharya – Calcutta
Priya Sen – Delhi
Ranu Ghosh – Calcutta
Sadanand Menon – Chennai
Sanjay Kak- Delhi

May the source be with you!

See you there!

Urging you to ‘keep your cool’.

A group of kind souls come together to discuss the invaluable attributes of one of India’s finest brands for cranial luxury.They deserve all your attention.They operate from here.


Baba Amte and Maharshi Mahesh Yogi are no more.


Among the things to whine about this week was the case of a girl student at a college in Patan, Gujarat, who was gang-raped repeatedly over six months under the threat of black-marking her internal assessment by the Staff of her institution.The White Ribbon campaign along with Sahiyar Stree Sanghatan, Baroda drafted this petition which Sahiyar aims to take to the Government of India.And Nazariya, an initiative of Drishti, Ahmedabad has set up this blog in order to collect opinions and solidarity for the victim.

Please take the time to read and sign this appeal to create Sexual Harrassment Committees in Educational Institutions across the country.

Among the things which are positive and which you could always count me in with is the Open Source movement in India.Yesterday, Barkha of Linux Chix India and I gave presentations at the GNU Linux and FOSS Awareness Day at Lala Lajpat Rai College in Mumbai .My presentation traces the analogies that can be drawn between open source technology and some key moments in the history of art.

White RibbonnavratnaWhite Ribbon

I also gave away some White Ribbons at the finale of the Kala Ghoda Festival‘s Grand Closing Event, just before Shubha Mudgal sang an amazing compilation of protest poetry and music from the work of Faiz, Sahir Ludhianvi,Ibn Isha…

The evening’s protest music concert, “Geet virodh aur Pratirodh ke” was organised by Open Space, Pune.What an evening that was! Shubha Mudgal, boldly and bravely broke all the false gods we’ve held, without a quiver in her voice, in a repertoire which began with “Gar ho sake to ab koyi shamma jalaiye…” and culminated with Faiz’s “Hum dekhenge, laazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge.”

And to close this post I must bring you a highlight from the Kala Ghoda Festival for me, which is from a session called Mumbai by Design, a conglomeration of designers like Divya Thakur, Mortimer Chatterjee, Matthieu Foss and Krishna Mehta.The session brought to light the current scenario within Indian Design and the excitement and promises that it holds for the future.Indeed , I think that artists and designers in India need to stop worrying about a distinct identity, be it brand Mumbai or brand India.To quote from a Nigerian Music producer in a documentary about the emerging music industry in Nigeria, “you have to look around you, find and do things which are typical to you, and be proud of them.”

Last, from a political artist’s greatest boon in the absence of image editing software , the Banner generator, this is just the kind of boost we all need.


“Gar ho Sake to Ab Koyi Shamma Jalaaiye

Is daur-e-siyaasat ka andhera mitaaiye”

[If you can, then light a torch today,

and end the darkness this era of politics has brought ]


Ind-Linux, women and the ‘free’-world.



When you feel like you’re feeding all your talent and your accomplishments down a bottom-less pit, stop and think, woman. They just don’t get it.


SO, where is the hope?


I have been attending the Free Open Source Software conference in Bangalore for the past three days now, and this is the beginning of my blogging foray about it.



This conference has been good for me so far, although there are still technical glitches in my mind about what artists and designers can contribute to the FOSS world. I’m attending this conference more because I’m interested in the frame-works that open-source communities work around, because it’s the culture that interests me and because I think I belong to it. However, as an artist who can do much more than graphics,I think that there are still directions that need charting out for both the creative world and the software world. I hope that somewhere along the next few days, some of those directions will emerge in our heads.



When you meet ‘brilliant’ women who pretend like there is nothing wrong or exclusionary about the scenario, they can’t be that brilliant, can they?


Today among the many worthwhile sessions I caught was the BOF or Birds of a feather session for Linux Chicks (written ‘Chix’, wonder why) India. And it brought it all back. And maybe there is hope.


When the damn patriarchy starts to damn you, then you could damn them back, they aren’t that holy anyway. But they ain’t even worth the effort.


Why must you evangelise Free Software among women? Because it just gets more women in. And because the technological world has the same problems as the real world although it pretends like it doesn’t, but the technological world has with it the possibility of creating freer worlds.


Feminist knowledge has been community oriented and community driven. Open Source frame-works are a vital part of such synergizing, because we in the open-source world believe in the power of collaboration, of shared frameworks and non-proprietary work that should benefit all humankind irrespective of existing hierarchies of power.


How much of your effort is lost in just trying to fight? A lot of women gave up doing the work that only they could have because they were stretched too thin.

So here it is. Get more women in. This is the only way. Stop being exclusionary and defensive about your knowledge assets. Get more democratic and participatory. Get innovative. Get out of the box. Start talking to more women. Stop trying to prove yourself to mentors who are sexist. Don’t waste your energy in listening to sexist critiques which try to dictate to you. There is work to do.


The centers of power have shifted. Maybe we’re all lagging behind .Look around. See. Refresh.

And no one can afford to hold on to their knowledge anymore. Someone would have stepped over them already. It’s smart to share, because jargon is just jargon. Everyone has their own. You need to communicate to get across, and start the real work.

When things get tight, the air needs to be let out, because that’s the only way to breathe.