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IRC. Kya Cheez?

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is one of the oldest forms of internet communication.It is also one of the most convenient ways of talking to people all over the world.

One of the ways to start is to get Mozilla Firefox, and then download Chatzilla from your Tools bar.Chatzilla is an open source chatting platform that allows you to get onto any channel on IRC. For the next few sessions at least this campaign is on DALnet.We will decide which room we will be getting in to and the information will be on the OSS blog.


We waited last night for the conversation to kick on but, some days are not Sundays 🙂

So , when should we have our next IRC lounge?

My vote is for two days from now, the fourth of February 2008, 10 pm IST.It gives us some time to plan.

But, if there is anyone out there who would like to be a part of this then your preference will be given priority over ours.

Important issues to think about:

a.the ethics of taking people’s chat conversations and presenting them on the blog.And after you have quoted them, do you tell them about it?

b.Do we or do we not tell them what we have in mind?I would say we take it easy and go with the flow.We wont be wearing our ribbons in these rooms.Just trying to talk.

White Ribbon

The floor is open.