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the soul selects her own society

The Soul selects her own Society-
Then-shuts the Door-
To her divine Majority-
Present no more-

Unmoved-she notes the Chariots pausing-
At her low Gate-
Unmoved-an Emperor be kneeling
Upon her Mat-

I’ve known her-from an ample nation-
Choose One-
Then-close the Valves of her attention-
Like Stone-

I was led to this poem by Emily Dickenson through the work of two artists showing a 1ShanthiRoad right now.I think that it applies to ‘reconnaissance 2’  and the labels project.

Is fortunate that ‘The Emily Dickenson project’ is showing with ‘reconnaissance 2’ and that I’ve been able to interact with it. Do come and see us!


The Argument continues…

I dont want to ‘problematise’ my own life, because where it all ends is when art begins.
the truth is beyond what we make of the argument ,
and the argument always continues.

and when I sit down and think about knowledge,
what does it mean to know?
how do you know if you’ve known?
the argument continues.

Someone, somewhere sitting alone at his studio is making us all dance to his tunes
the artist in me trying to reach him makes hoarse cries clothed in language
and the argument continues.

Give, my friend ,
Release, my friend,
Dont hold on to your knowledge my friend,
S y n e r g i s e, my friend,

In your heart is the seed of all scholarship.
To know, or to act?
The head or the heart ?

The argument continues…


I wrote this for the Art History Seminar at M.S. University in 2006, performed along with what was then the ‘Historical Band’, Deepankar Gohain,Pradeep Kambathalli and Sabih Ahmed.


he lay still,
with a posse of family
and friends encircling his dead body
19, the photograph said.

the face had a white salve on it
he had been shot
by armed forces of the government.

-written at the Jaaga Creative Writing Workshop conducted by Athena Kashyap.

Poetry Across Borders: A reading

I’m reading my poetry at a Poetry Across Borders reading session next week.This event will be a networked reading with poets from Bangalore, Berlin and Washington D.C.

image: from the photos on the PAB Blog

Poetry Across Borders is a community-run initiative of independent poetry circles in cities around the world. PAB explores, through poetry, the voices within and without our imagined boundaries. Our exploration culminates once a month in a live exchange of original poetry between poets who live in Bangalore and poets from another city.’

Poetry Across Borders was begun by Archana Prasad of Bangalore, India, along with Hoa Pham of Melbourne, Australia and Gaby Bila of Berlin, Germany and is co-ordinated by Aarthi Ajit in Bangalore.

This month’s reading brings together Tarun Sharma and Kevin Tobar Pesantez amongst others and besides me.Here’s the official hand-out:

Poetry Across Borders
{poetry performances live from 3 cities}
27th September 2010 @ Jaaga
Berlin 14:00 / Bangalore 17:30 / Washington D.C. 08:00

Featuring: Kevin Tobar Pesántez, Raheema Begum, Tarun Sharma and Amith Seshagiri at Jaaga (Bangalore) alongside poets at Lady Gaby’s Salon (Berlin), and DC poets at Poetry in the Morning at Bloombars (Washington, DC)

This reading  will be at Jaaga on Monday the 27th of September 2010 at 5:30 pm.For those attending through the data cables this event is going to be streamed live at the PAB channel.

Please do come!