Making money through your blog(s)

Blogging is more than just a pastime in today’s world.It is increasingly becoming a new way to make yourself heard, campaign politically, organise, and now, make a living.

In statistics that are alarming as well as heartening for online entrepreneurs, the most successful online bloggers make from up to $5000 to $200,000 a month.The internet’s most read bloggers write about everything from celebrity gossip to the top products in technology to fashion to their cats, so the real secret to being a popular blogger lies in promoting your blog intelligently, knowing how to hold the attention of your readers, and being able to attract a sizeable traffic. Some of the best bloggers on the internet are also people that have a unique identity and are recognised for their brand.

According to most pundits, the skills that are required to make money on the internet through your blog are more entrepreneurial than technical, but one must have a picture of the various technologies that you need to implement to get your blog going, to get it noticed…Of these skills, successful bloggers identify a few such as search engine optimisation which is a skill needed to get popular search engines to pick up your blog, tagging and linking etc.Advertising and affiliate marketing are the two top ways of generating income through blog on the internet.By posting an ad for a product, you earn money when the user buys or clicks on the ad link that takes it to the product page.Companies such as Google and have their own advertising models to enable advertisers and bloggers to market products on their blogs.Various advertising platforms like blogads enable you to easily post ads on your blog. Affiliate marketing is another way of generating revenue through circulating links to products in your blog posts. is one of the top income grossers on the internet and is a self-styled directory of ‘wonderful things’.Boing Boing rakes in about 1 million a year in terms of revenues and is listed as the top ranking blog on, which is a blog aggregator that brings together various services for bloggers.Mashable and Techcrunch are technology blogs which host content about the latest in the world of start-ups and web2.0 applications.Mashable is said to be most visited blog on the internet and makes about 166,000 $ a month, while Techcrunch which hosts articles about internet start-ups grosses about $200,000 a month.Research reveals that substance is not the only thing that sells on the Internet and blogs which are paparazzi or gossip oriented or about silly nothings are also known to be widely read.Some such blogs are and and the infamous celebrity gossip blog

The real truth behind the success of most bloggers is that they have braved the grind,have been able to get into the grisly details, have diversified income strategies and have stuck it out persistently in the game.Some, however have gotten luckier than the others, and have been able to use their luck to their advantage by maximising their traffic based on the factors that initially drew their readers.

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