Monthly Archives: March 2009

Blogging Women’s day

My day:

8:30 (roundabout) : Woke up to flatmates banging the door of our cinder filled kitchen.Bittersweet , bottomless bottomfull feeling.

9:30  stepped out to get meself items for a good  breakfast as well as the New Indian Express.My deluxe breakfast lasted a good hour with the newspaper.All in the kitchen.

11:00 Supervised the maid on washing my clothes.I’m used to doing this myself and need a machine.Usha,who does my washing and cleaning is an intelligent woman who runs her house and three kids on a pay-packet she makes out of working in some five houses.She also takes out the kachra in our building with her husband.

11:30  Conversation with flat-mates.Annie is a woman who left her home and husband with her child on her shoulder because he brought home another.She works as a house-maid too.She had a love marriage.She said that it wouldn’t have worked between her husband and her but that she still loves him.

14:30 Namaz.Stopped short by flatmate who is edgy about space.So it was the kitchen again.

15:00 Lunch.Bhajiya and rice with chutney powder.Long drawn meal.It’s hot in the kitchen with no fan.Snappy exchanges with Priya over lunch.My flatmates are worse off than I am.My relationship with Priya is the epicenter of lot of my woes against this world these days.

17:00 Sleep.Been a busy work week.

18:00 Namaz, and a two books.

18:30 Aida, in whose house I stay needs a clerical job.It’s the thing she does best.Does anyone know of one?

19:00 Some relays of telepathic voice chats: “Peice of Cake!”, “Whore!”, “We’ll see!”

20:00 Sleep.I have a feeling my grand-mother came to me in my dream.How of all things could a woman who was shy of even TV choose today to make this rare first appearance?I really believe in the power of this day.

21:30 Walk+Auto Ride to this blogging destination.

23:30 Thank You for surviving me.This was fun.