Kya aap White ribbon mein shraddha aur imaan rakhte hain?

Do you have faith in the White ribbon? ——————————————————————————————– Feminist, blogger and activist Anasuya Sengupta, in an essay called ‘Fundamentalisms of the Progressive‘ wrote, ‘One of our campaigns was to wear a white ribbon for peace (the White Ribbon Campaign for Peace, India) – we used it both as a symbol and as a talking … Continue reading Kya aap White ribbon mein shraddha aur imaan rakhte hain?

‘Sabiya The Space Explorer’

“Sabiya The Space Explorer” Honoring the Women Personnel Of the Pakistani Starfleet Originally uploaded by perfectlymadebirds ‘Honoring the Women Personnel Of the Pakistani Starfleet.’ In her cross-country travels Screen Sifar came across plethora of other space cadets, all stemming from the expert console of General Kenny Irwin. These staunchly patriotic figures are as undaunted by … Continue reading ‘Sabiya The Space Explorer’

Speaking secularism and meaning it.

The White Ribbon Arts Collective is a group of individuals from across the sub-continent committed to redefining secularism in today’s context. While setting up a goal as big as a One State Solution seems suicidal to many people, I gather that there are also others out there who think that this possible and worth doing. … Continue reading Speaking secularism and meaning it.

Urging you to ‘keep your cool’.

A group of kind souls come together to discuss the invaluable attributes of one of India’s finest brands for cranial luxury.They deserve all your attention.They operate from here. ——————————————- Baba Amte and Maharshi Mahesh Yogi are no more. ——————— Among the things to whine about this week was the case of a girl student at … Continue reading Urging you to ‘keep your cool’.

Chat with us!

We’re mooting ideas for the White Ribbon Campaign at IRC’s DALnet Chat Room, at Coffeeday>Debates. It’s 1am now, and I’m not connected yet… Updates coming up! 1:25 am: We’re at a room called One State Solution.More tomorrow after I wake up, hopefully early.Ha ha! ********************************************************************** and, here are the Updates! ————–


[ click on the ballot box] This is a message in public interest circulated by the White Ribbon Campaign for Peace(India).You can also view it here and on Blogbharti. Please copy and distribute extensively.