Making money through your blog(s)

Tips on how to promote your Blog on Facebook

On Art

On versions of the Ramayana and Mahabharata in South-East Asia

A story about the evolution of Indian Dance and contemporary dancing in Bangalore

A cover story on the Art Market in Bangalore

The lure of folk arts

On the art of shadow puppetry in Karnataka

On art heists and the art world

On Nicholas Roerich, his work and his legacy

On a screening of the PBS Art21 series on American Contemporary Art

On an art exhibition by an association of deaf artists.

Social Commentary

An article on the Cult of women entrepreneurs.

On Cell-phones

‘Whose Morality?’ , on the events in Baroda following the arrest of Chandramohan, an art student over his representations of religious figures in his examination exhibit.

‘A few days ago’, on an incident where a few friends and I ‘rescued’ a wounded man from a garbage dump.


To see a lot of my poetry follow this link


Curfew, an essay about my sojourn into a communal clash in Mysore.

On Indian Politics

Short Write-ups

On women’s issues in India

‘On Implications of the Nuclear Liabilities Bill‘ for an application to GreenPeace

On feminism, gender and sexuality

On Feminism/Kabaddi

Another chapter to the harrowing Blank Noise experience. Under the Label ‘w o m a n’.

And Yet another (chap)ter.

Post-Script: What I was wearing.

Post Script 2: Another Chapter to the harrowing Blank Noise Experience

Sexual Harassment affects OUR well being.

Blogging Women’s day

Post Gujarat

Ind-Linux, women and the ‘free’-world.

Project Proposals

Process 3: The Final draft for ‘labels‘.

Promises of a Brave New World, the first proposal for ‘labels’


The Eagle Story

Non Fiction/Commentaries

Transcription of documentary footage by Saeed Mirza for pad.ma, an archive of found footage.

Summaries of  ‘Subh-e-Azadi’ and ‘Yahan se Sheher ko dekho’

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