Tips on how to promote your Blog on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world after are some tips on how to promote your blog on Facebook.

While you start with Facebook the simplest way is to list your blog on your Facebook profile, popularise it among your friends using status updates, and posting the link to your posts on your profile through status updates.Specialised features and applications make it convenient and easier to promote your blog.Facebook has numerous applications written by third party developers to make your blog noticeable and read on the social network.

You can also link your profile to your blog through the My blogs application.The My blogs Application lets you display all your blogs on you profile page so that all your Facebook friends can see and  recognise your blog on your profile page.

Facebook has various applications that beam/telecast updates or new posts from your blogs to your profile.These applications, such as the Simplaris Blogcast and Social RSS import the RSS(Really Simple Syndication) Feed to the profile, which will post updates from your blog every six hours to let your friends know every time the blog has a new post.

Networked blogs is a  feature which among other things also allows you to network with other bloggers writing about similar issues and  having similar content as well as create a community of readers.This exclusive application for blogging has a variety of features such as getting your blog listed on a directory with similar bloggers and building your community of readers…

Facebook pages are also a great way to promote your blog.You can advertise your blog through the Facebook page you create for it.These pages help popularise the blog and are very interactive.They also help you extend the community of your readership beyond your friends circle and enable you to communicate with them directly. Facebook Pages carry the networked blogs application so that the page is automatically updated when there is a new post on the blog.And Facebook’s interactive micro features like the ‘like’ button help to circulate the content on the network to everyone who joins the fan community by clicking on the ‘like’ button.

You can create exclusive Facebook groups for your blog to streamline content to the members who join your Blog Group.The Facebook group feature allows you to send private messages to the group members, thus enabling privacy and exclusivity.You can also auto-publish your blog feed to your Facebook group.

Facebook also has a lot of features for inter-linking with other micro-blogging applications such as twitter.You can publish your blog feed to twitter through the networked blogs application as well as through your Facebook Fan page so that your twitter account is notified every-time your blog has a new post.

Lastly, you can connect and inter-link your blog to Facebook using various widgets.Applications like Fan Pages and Networked Blogs will provide you with a blog badge that you can paste on to your blog, and these blog badges carry interactive features such as displaying the fan community in order to build your reputation through recognition and word of mouth.

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